Dear SBFF and Wild Brew Fest Fans,

Since 2011, we have enjoyed sharing our passion for health and beneficial bacteria with our community and have been thrilled to watch them blossom, year after year.  Our community and our family are grateful to each and every one of you who have contributed to these events over the years. The Fermentation Festival was truly a reflection of the combined knowledge and passion of our community and it did not thrive without an immense amount of collaborative involvement.

So, it is with heavy hearts that we have made the extremely difficult decision not to continue SBFF and Wild Brew Fest. When we planned that very first workshop back in 2011, it was because we felt there was so little information available regarding the importance of our microbiome on our health and well-being. Eight years later, we are happy that is no longer the case. Microbiome is EVERYWHERE!

Recently, we have realized that there are other issues that need grassroots effort. Everyone in our community has been touched by the recent wildfires, mudslides and their environmental impacts so we are turning our attention in the direction of our mother microbiome. Look for updates on our facebook page for future projects.

We know many of you will be disappointed by this news, but we encourage you to take the money and effort you may have spent to attend the festival and spend it with one of our amazing local fermented foods businesses. Support your health while supporting your local fermenters and our local economy!

With the deepest gratitude for your support over the years,

Lynn and Katie

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