SEE YOU in 2019

Dear SBFF Fans,
It is with heavy hearts that we have decided to cancel the 8th Annual Santa Barbara Fermentation Festival and 3rd Annual Wild Brew Fest. We hope to produce both events again in 2019.
As anyone who lives in or around Santa Barbara or Ventura Counties knows, December 2017 and January 2018 were extremely challenging for our communities. We experienced the state’s largest wildfire in December, followed by massive mudslides, freeway closures and more evacuations in January. These events have had a lasting effect on our family and friends as well as local businesses and nonprofits.
Many of you close to us know that we work tirelessly to raise funds to make the festival happen. Fundraising gears up in December and planning starts a few days after the festival ends so that we can continue to bring you a better fermentation festival for the coming year. Given everything that has happened in our community, we were not able to start this process on time, and even now, three months later, we still feel that our community needs time to bounce back. Many of the businesses and nonprofits that support us have limited funds this year and we know it will be an even larger strain to meet our budget.
We know many of you will be disappointed by this news, but we encourage you to take the money and effort you may have spent to attend the festival and spend it with one of our amazing local fermented foods businesses. Support your health while supporting your local fermenters and our local economy!
With the deepest gratitude for your support over the years, we look forward to fermenting with you again next year.
Most Sincerely,
Lynn Hartman and Katie Hershfelt

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