Farm-to-Bar Stage

NEW FOR 2017: General Admission ticket holders will also be able to access this stage, which will feature traditional alcohol fermentation education and our area's best local musicians the second half.

11AM: ERISY WATT - With honey sweet vocals and a soft hum that speaks to an older time, Erisy has cultivated a sound of simplicity, a synthesis of soul and folk that is freshly her own. Erisy is a nonstop adventurer. The outdoorsy folk singer and Cabin By the Sea series founder moved westward as a teen to attend UCSB in a horizon-broadening move to look beyond the river-rope swings and Smoky Mountains of her Tennessee youth. Though she arrived a stranger, Erisy quickly found a new home and purpose in the surf, sand, and skies of Santa Barbara.

12PM: Ingredients & Sourcing - The world of fermented beverages uses ingredients from across the globe, but not all ingredients are the same. Join this panel of experts to learn about the range of fermentables used and what to look for when choosing quality ingredients for your own fermented beverages. Panelists include John Gonzales of Leashless Brewing, Andrew Carter of Ventura Independent Beer Enthusiasts [VIBE], Darren Siple of Smoke Mountain Brewery. Moderated by Brandon Ristaino of The Good Lion & Test Pilot.

1PM: Preparation & Process - Each ingredient requires a different approach to prepare it for fermentation and even the same component can be treated multiple ways to produce different outcomes. In this panel, explore the various techniques and procedures used by the professionals to prepare the liquid to meet the yeast. Panelists include Patrick Ceriale of Telegraph Brewing Co, Peter Goldammer of brewLAB, Nole Cossart of The Apiary. Moderated by Sandy Harrison of Valley Brewers.

2PM: Fermentation & Beyond - With each ingredient comes a whole world of microbes to ferment them with and a range of materials for them to inhabit. This panel will delve into the variety of microorganisms used in fermented beverages, what ingredients these microbes are suitable with, and how different materials affect the finished ferment. Panelists include Ian Cutler of Cutler's Artisan Spirits, Justin Crider of Lama Dog Tap Room + Bottle Shop, Michelle Lopez-Dohrn of Wild at Heart Ojai, Tyler Clark of Libertine Brewing Company. Moderated by Patrick Reynolds, Event Coordinator of Lotusland, Founder of Farm-to-Bar Cocktails. 

3PM: BRYAN TITUS TRIO - The Bryan Titus Trio grows up like a weed from a tangled and overgrown history of Bluegrass and American Roots Music. Recently touted as a “Postmodern Barn Dance” band they write & perform toe-tapping tunes that evoke themes & melodies of yesterday with a pinch of modern irony. Bryan Titus draws heavily on lessons learned on his 2013 Through Hike of the Appalachian Trail, especially the music he picked up in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, & Virginia. His vocals are both smooth & rough, his guitar playing simultaneously elegant & primitive. The Trio, comprised of Jeff Kranzler on Upright Bass & Dustin Janson on cajon and vocals, perfectly fills out and enhances each song with highly effective yet simple accompaniment.

About Zach Rosen

Our Farm-to-Bar director, Zach Rosen, is a beer educator, event curator, and writer covering the local beer scene as "The Beer Guy" in the Santa Barbara Sentinel. As a resident artist of the Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science, and Technology (SBCAST), Zach fuses his background in engineering and art with a passion for beer to design abstract beer pairings and experiment with how we consume beer. Experience one of his installations at The Beer Garden at SBCAST each First Thursday where every month a newly crafted environment is paired with a unique beer.