culture corner

11:45AM: What's In Your Booch? - Join Booch expert Hannah Crum, author of The Big Book of Kombucha, as she dissects the elements of Kombucha to unlock the power of this humble yet mighty brew. Learn how to boost the nutritional efficacy of your booch as she shares her wealth of knowledge with you. Always a favorite at SBFF and our very first speaker seven years ago, Hannah will amaze you with just how nutritional and delectable booch can be.

12:30PM: Cinnamon & Raisin Sourdough Brioche - Bree'osh is THE bakery for locals to enjoy artisan, sourdough breads and pastries... just look for the line out the door. Pierre-Yves Henry, owner and French-trained, artisanal baker, will share his secrets of the trade on feeding and caring for your sourdough starter and demo how to create a wonderful sourdough brioche at home. Come and tantalize your tastebuds!

1:15PM: Cultured Key Lime Pie - Learn with Kacey from Kacey Cakes how to make a delicious, raw, key lime pie with cultured coconut cream. Kacey will share you how to create a probiotic dessert with sprouted nuts and cultured coconut yogurt that is both super yummy and nutritious. Watch her turn fresh, real food ingredients into a truly guilt-free dessert everyone will love.

2:00PM: Fermented Sweet Lipstick Peppers - Learn direct salt fermentation technique from Chef Dan Murray of Pedalers Fork in Calabasas. Chef Dan will share how to preserve your abundance of peppers from the summer harvest. Not only will your peppers last the summer heat but these sweet and tangy peppers will provide your pantry with another delicious fermented food. After the talk, head over to the DIY Fermentation Station to make your very own jar.

2:45PM: A Foray into the World of Probiotic Sodas - Most locals know Kirsten Soria as the friendly face who delights us with citrus every week at the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market. Few know she is an avid fermentista! And believe it or not, she can turn fermented water into refreshingly delicious and healthy sodas in an array of flavors sure to please any kid... big or small. Join her as she makes her magic! 

3:30PM: Making Raw Milk Fermented Yogurt Real Food Devotee aka Monica Ford and Organic Pastures Raw Dairy's Mark McAfee are teaming up to show you some incredibly tasty and nutrient dense ways to feed your microbiome friends. Mark will share the latest data from studies in France on the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of raw milk and cheese. Watch as Monica, an ancestral chef, transforms milk into medicine in this time honored practice of preserving and imbuing raw milk with even more beneficial bacteria to create a mouthwatering vanilla yogurt that will have your engaging in some serious lip smackin'.

4:15PM: Beet Kvass: Nature's Tonic - Beet kvass is a heritage food well-renowned for centuries as a cleanser for liver, skin, blood and especially gut health. Demonstrating how simply you can make it at home, Michelle Lopez-Dohrn, from Wild at Heart Ojai, will share the history and scientific research of this "blood of the earth" restorative elixir so you too, can enjoy it's amazing benefits. Not to be missed!