culture corner

2017 Schedule TBA Soon!

11:45AM: Gut Microbiome 101 - An introduction to the fascinating world of your gut flora. From breaking down food, metabolizing hormones, and protecting the immune system, your awesome gut microbes play a monumental role in your overall health. Make sure you catch the basics before joining Dr. Shinshan Wang N.D. again later this afternoon for a more in-depth discussion on the Pickled Pavilion Stage called Nurture What Nature Gave You... A Conversation Around Microbiome Health.

12:30PM: Making Natural Sodas with Cold Infused Plants - Making fermented sodas is so much healthier! Pascal Baudar of Urban Outdoor Skills and author of The New Wildcrafted Cuisine, will demo how to create super yummy, cold infusions with specific, flavorful plants turning them into sodas using wild or regular yeasts. Open your eyes to an infinite amount of delicious possibilities you can create with what’s growing in the wild, your garden or finds at the farmer's market. Take your experiments even further and create some interesting “boozy” sodas. A new world of fermented concoctions will be awaiting after this demo.

1:30PM: Macadamia Nut Yogurt? - If you enjoyed SB Creamery & Mesa Verde Chef Chris Rayman's cashew cheese demo last year, then you will be thrilled that he is back! This time it's Macadamia nuts that he will be transforming with probiotics to create a super yummy yogurt that compliments any dish and adds a boost of friendlies to your gut. During the demo, he will cover everything from the type of water, nuts and bacterial cultures to blending, salting and flavoring. Don't miss it!

2:15PM: Pinquito Miso - Preserving Our Local Bean - The age-old tradition of making miso is widespread in Asian cultures, where they use soybeans to make this flavorful ferment. However, miso can be made with almost any legume or bean. Chef Julian Martinez of Barbareño will demonstrate how to make miso from pinquito beans - a bean that is grown only on the Central Coast. 

3:00PM: Raw Chocolate Butter Pudding - Raw Paleo Melissa and Organic Pastures Raw Dairy's Mark McAfee are teaming up to show you some incredibly tasty and nutrient dense ways you can incorporate raw dairy into your diet. Feeding your microbiome friends was never easier or more fun, but we'll let you be the judge. 

3:45PM: Fermented Papaya Salsa Chef Ramón Velazquez is famous in Santa Barbara for the amazing tacos he composes at his former pop-up and recently opened restaurant, Corazón Cocina. So it's no surprise to us that he decided to combine locally grown papayas with fermentation for a ceviche dish that marries his Mexican heritage with the bounty that surrounds us. Another masterpiece!

4:30PM: Screamin' Pickle Contest Award Ceremony - Amateur fermenters compete for the coveted Screamin' Pickle Award for best ferment! Prizes include our artisan, glass pickle and tickets to SBFF and Wild Brew Fest 2017. To participate, start fermentin' now! For guidelines, judges, prizes and more info, visit our Screamin' Pickle Contest page.